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The following list includes publications containing photographs and/or biographical information on the the work of sculptor Ron Tunison:

  2000 The National Museum of the Civil War Soldier
by Pamplin Historical Park
Published by Odyssey Publications
ISBN 962-217-637-2
  2001 The Monuments at Antietam
by Charles S. Adams
Published by Charles S. Adams
ISBN 1-888-256-08-7
  1999 Gettysburg Battlefield – The Definitive History
by David J. Eicher
  1997 My Sons Were Faithful and They Fought
The Irish Brigade at Antietam: An Anthology
by Joseph G. Bilby and Stephen D. O’Neil
Published by Longstreet House
ISBN 0-94413-42-0
  1997 Master Modellers by Robin Smith
Publisher: Brassey’s
ISBN 1-85753-240-6
  1995 Battle Honours, U.S. Military Model Show Medal Winners
by Bill Horan and Phil Kesslin
Publisher: Windrow and Greene
ISBN 1-85915-037-3
  1995 Confederate Monuments at Gettysburg
by David G. Martin
Published by Combined Books
  1994 Military Modelling Masterclass by Bill Horan
Publisher: Windrow and Greene
ISBN 1-872004-09-1
  1993 Freemasons at Gettysburg by Sheldon Munn
Published by Thomas Publications
ISBN 0-939631-68-7
  1988 Gettysburg – The 125th Anniversary: What They Did Here
by Christian J. Heidorf
Publisher: Harlow and Taylor Assoc.
ISBN 0-9626810-08
  1983 Contemporary Western Artists
by Peggy and Harold Samuels
Publisher: Southwest Art Publications
ISBN 0-911219-11-5
  2003 Catskill Mountain Region GUIDE Magazine, Nov.2003 issue
Publisher, Catskill Mt. Foundation

  1998 Historical Miniature magazine, Jan./Feb.’98
An Artist’s Profile of sculptor Ron Tunison’s work
  1998 The Horse Soldier Catalog, Gettysburg, PA ‘98
Catalog #26
  1997 Military Illustrated magazine, April’97
An Artist’s Profile of sculptor Ron Tunison’s work
  1997 The Civil War Times magazine, Oct.’97, Cowles Publishers
  1996 Civil War Art magazine, Summer ’96, Cowles Publishers
An Artist’s Profile of sculptor Ron Tunison’s work
  1994 The American Legion magazine, Jan.’94
  1993 The Pennsylvania Freemason magazine
  1991 Military Illustrated magazine, Dec.’91
  1991 Hudson Valley Magazine, Dec.’91
  1991 The Civil War News magazine, Dec.’91
  1990 U.S. Art magazine, April ‘90
  1990 Sculpture magazine, June ’90
  1988 Express magazine, Fall’88
  1988 The Virginian magazine, Nov./Dec.’88
  1988 Fountain Views magazine
  1986 Art Today magazine, Winter ‘86/’87
  1986 Midwest Art magazine, Sept./Oct.’86
  1985 Southwest Art magazine, March ‘85
An Artist’s Profile of sculptor Ron Tunison’s work
  1985 Atlanta Sentimental Journey magazine, Spring ‘85
  1983 Southwest Art magazine, Sept.’83
  1982 Art West magazine, Jan./Feb. ‘82
  1982 American Artist magazine, May ‘82
  1978 Campaigns magazine, Nov./Dec.’78
  1969-1970 The Soldier Shop magazine (Quarterly Vol.14)


P.O. Box 141
Cairo, New York 12413
Tel. (518) 622-3508

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