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Endorsements for Sculpting Work

“The work of Ron Tunison must take its place among the best historical sculptures being created today. Ron’s work is the result of intensive research combined with superb artistry.”
-Don Troiani, Historical Artist

“I greatly admire your talent, and yours is the only work of its kind that I display in my home.”
-Jeff M. Shaara, Author
Gods and Generals” and other books

“Ron Tunison is one of the foremost historical sculptors in the U.S. today. His bronze statue of General S.W. Crawford, recently erected on the battlefield at Gettysburg, upholds the highest standards of his medium, and complements well the nearby work of such noted American sculptors as F. Wm Sievers, H.K. Bush-Brown and Gutzon Borglum.”
-William A. Frassanito, Author
Gettysburg: A Journey in Time
Antietam: The Photographic Legacy of America’s Bloodiest Day”and other books

“ Had an opportunity to see your Freemason Monument for the first time. I wanted you to know how much I like it. Congratulations.”
-Mort Kunstler, Historical Artist

In 1999, I traveled to Gettysburg to give the address for the Remembrance Day Commemoration. After the event, I toured the battlefield with Dr. Gabor Boritt and Bill Howard from my staff. As we approached the Little Round Top area, we paused to look at your fine statue to that underrated hero of the fight, General Samuel Crawford. I was most impressed with your work, and hope to get to Antietam someday so I can see your fine tribute to the Irish Brigade. It was good meeting with you at the Saratoga Military Museum opening. I sincerely appreciate the sculpture you presented to me.”
-George E. Pataki, Governor, New York State

“Tunison’s sculptures have the ring of truth. They are completely authentic, extremely accurate and very lifelike.”
-Michael J. McAfee, Co-Author
American Military Equipage 1851-1872

“ I have seen most of your public pieces and admire your sculptures. Technically, artistically, and emotionally I believe your work is the best of the contemporary American military sculptors. It is a privilege for us to have one of your pieces in the New York State collection.”
-Michael Aikey, Director, NY State Military Museum

“Ron, I want you to know that each time I visit the “Friend to Friend” monument
it never fails to move me emotionally. What a wonderful legacy you have left for future generations to enjoy.”

“Your sculpture was magnificent.”
(Elizabeth Thorn, The Gettysburg Civil War Women’s Memorial)
-Warren Motts, Director/Founder, Motts Military Museum, Ohio

“Thanks for sending the photo of the Pamplin Park sculpture. It looks great. In fact, I think it’s the best thing you’ve done – each of your large statues shows a mastery of the medium and size. Congratulations on a superb piece of work.” -Shepherd Paine, Historian and Artist

“Better than any other artistic creations, Ron Tunison’s bronzes embody for me the spirit and style of the Civil War’s most famous leaders. His equestrian Lee and Jackson grouping is my favorite piece of Confederate art – riveting and evocative both as art and as history. Tunison is alone at the top of his field.”
-Robert K. Krick, Author
Lee’s Colonels” (1984)
Stonewall Jackson at Cedar Mountain (1990) and other books

“Ron Tunison’s superb sculptures place him in the front rank of artists who work on military themes from the Civil War. His representations of leading figures on each side are especially striking.”
-Gary W. Gallagher, Professor and Author
Stephen Dodson Ramseur: Lee Gallant General” and other books

“Details of dress and accoutrements found in Ron Tunison’s sculptures are remarkable not only for their meticulous handling but also for their authenticity.”
-Susan Hallsten McGarry
Editor’s Perspective, Southwest Art magazine, March 1985

“I can not tell you how thrilled we all are with your work. The bronze is timeless, dignified and esthetically beautiful.”
-Wayne A. Smith
Congressman, Committee Member, Delaware State Monument, Gettysburg,PA

“So pleasing to see the ever increasing quality and art of each successive work you produce.”
-George Woodbridge
Artist/Cartoonist, Historian

“I believe that your body of work makes you one of this century’s great sculptors.” -Kenneth Laurence
Historian, Art Collector, Gallery Proprietor

“I think the sculpture is fabulous. (Elizabeth Thorn, The Gettysburg Civil War Women’s Memorial) It evokes an emotional, as well as intellectual reaction. And for that reason, I think it will become the sort of sculpture people don’t just view, they visit.”
-Juanita Leisch, Author
Who Wore What? Women’s Wear 1861-1865

“You are certainly a master in your chosen field and have taken your place among the many fine artists at work today who have established themselves as experts in Civil War art.
-Tom Lovell, Western Artist

P.O. Box 141
Cairo, New York 12413
TEL. (518) 622-3508

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